What’s in the SOUL Solar Kit?

Solar Kit by SOUL (personal use)

The Solar Kit by SOUL is a unique and one of its kind product and after the reviews from NHS2017, it is with confidence, I can say that it’s a ‘Must Have’ product. It is powerful, efficient yet subtle in design and extremely light which is where the real magic is. I personally have used many gadgets, one thing that really gets to me is their design and lightweight aspect of it, as it becomes easy to carry and I can use it anywhere. Along with it’s brilliant design factor, what I love the most about SOUL is that it is unbeatable in its range and I have fell in love instantly with its easy use in outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, trekking, while relaxing on beach and so on.

SOUL Solar Kit has a waterproof 28 Watts ‘CIGS’ solar panel, you must be wondering what ‘CIGS’ stands for…well for being a science geek, I must tell you that it’s a ‘Copper Indium Gallium Selenide’ based solar cell. It’s part of the Amorphous Thin Film Technology which has gained a lot of attention in the solar industry. Personally, I think it’s an excellent trade off between efficiency and the flexibility of  the solar panel itself as shown in the image below.

This may come as a surprise but ‘CIGS‘ solar panel is also waterproof. Easy to roll up, strap it up and go kind of thing, makes it very light. I genuinely thought; this was a ‘yoga matt’ but hey! Can you blame me? SOUL solar panel is the next thing for you if you are a tech geek and a green energy guy. With its extreme endurance, it is important to stress that it surely works in adverse conditions; yup! works even when it’s a little grey in ‘ It’s always sunny in Philadelphia’. It’s a shock proof but it doesn’t claim to be immortal like ‘Thor’ so works even when sections are damaged. The Solar panel itself is very thin with Max Power of 28 Watts with Output voltage and Current to be 17.5V and 1.68A, respectively.

I would love to tell you more about it but first let me take it for another test run to see how it does with it’s power bank and other bits & bobs that come with it.

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