Solar Power Bank- Designed as a flashlight but not just a flashlight

Flashlight but not an ordinary Flashlight

I was counting the amount of bits & bobs you get with this Solar Kit but then I realised why is there a Power Bank designed as Flashlight? Well…The Power Bank is designed in such a way that it seems like an ordinary flashlight but don’t look away yet, this is actually a Solar Power Bank. A Power Bank designed to help you survive out there. A product of mind & SOUL! In a way this is a 21st century survival kit for modern men and women.

First of all, the flashlight has some astute features and functions. Comes handy in all situations, whether you are on a camping trip, hiking away in Yosemite National Park or just taking the old west Route 66. It certainly helps in situations where you need light in an emergency with CREE LED Torch built in with a safety function like Batman SOS messages. Nah! just kidding, it’s just an SOS signal light.

Now that you have a light, you need Power. Don’t look away and search for that external portable power bank. The Solar Power Bank is in the vicinity of your flashlight. This Power Bank has 12,000MAH with 45 Watts and Yup! it is waterproof. Power Bank comes with 2.1A USB Charge output which comes handy. Especially if you are like me and have an android, iOS and a type c connection for devices. Oh! don’t worry, it comes with the multi-use USB cable. The Power Bank is definitely designed smartly and its lightweight feature helps carry it easily in your backpack.

How many times SOUL Power Bank will charge your device:


On a good sunny day, SOUL Power Bank itself with the help of SOUL Solar Panel can be charged in 5 hours. That’s not at all, you can charge it at home and in your car while driving. At SOUL, we have tried charging the Power Bank with SOUL Solar Panel on Route 66 and it was quite fun. I mean who can say no to free power, Am I right?

Soon I will show some more testing I have done with the prototype I have acquired.

Peace out.

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