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SOUL LED Camping Light

Along with the Power Bank and Solar Panel, SOUL Solar Kit is filled with other bits and bobs which can be of service in many situation when you are exploring the outdoors. The SOUL LED Camping Light is one of the accessories which is extremely portable yet powerful. It comes with an IR remote which allows a user to adjust the intensity of the light.

It is unquestionably has a good smart design. Pretty useful in a tent during camping and hiking. I personally think this has a good use for a night walk on Laguna beach. Perhaps, it will save those poor bean clams from you stepping over it. Here’s an another thought; use it as a miniature lighthouse and perhaps Jack Sparrow will be your saviour. It goes without saying, it is also Waterproof, how often do you get waterproof products as 3 in 1, eh?

Speaking of other bits and bobs, there are many connectors and cables supplied to be used for jump starting your car, charging USB for iOS, android and type C devices, adapting pins, carabiner hooks for Solar Panel and some little pegs for your tent.

More to come in coming weeks, at SOUL Inventions, the whole crew is getting ready to bring the best out of SOUL Solar Kit for all of you. I am really excited about the INDIEGOGO campaign as it will be best place to see what you think about our SOUL.

Looking forward to the visit to the beach ‘charged up’ walk with SOUL.

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