SOUL Solar Kit – Prototype Update


Solar Kit is moving swiftly through its prototype phase. With a friendly but to the point feedback from our friends, we have made changes to enhance the use of the product. The Solar Kit will be revealed in next coming days.

Since we are dedicated to delivering a high quality product, this morning we received the smallest component which we designed for this kit. This casing is designed for Multi USB cable for you to connect your devices to SOUL Power Bank. The merit of SOUL solar Kit is that every element has its unique quality. It takes weeks to jot down every detail and deliver to best of our ability.

Multi-Use USB for iOS, Android and Type C deviced.

For Instance, this little component shown above, took us a week to design and manufacture for 2.1A Multi-Use USB cable. This is just an example to show how the main elements for the whole SOUL Solar Kit comes together. In next coming weeks, there will be more updates and exciting details about the product itself.


Stay Tuned.