A little more about CIGS Solar Cells

SOUL goes out An Extra Mile

For those who do not know about Solar Technology as much; for starters, it’s the future!!! All the industries are moving to green energy or some would say, It’s the era of renewable energy.

As the industries move away from the limited natural resources like coal. At SOUL Inventions, it is important for us to also move along with the wave but our passion wants us to go an extra mile. So, since everybody is encouraging and developing Solar Panels as an alternative solution. We propose CIGS Solar Panels!

Why other Solar Panels are not worth your money?

One of the interesting material in Solar industry is Copper Indium Gallium Selenide – CIGS for short. In last 10 years, CIGS from thin film family of solar cells has attracted investment up to $1billion. Experts say, CIGS Solar Panel are the future in the solar industry.

SOUL Inventions has focused carefully on its advantages over other Photo-voltaic solar panels. CIGS Solar panel became the choice for SOUL Solar Kit, primarily due to its flexible, durable and military grade features. CIGS has a high absorption coefficient and absorbs sunlight strongly.

Flexibility of the materials offers low weight per area (kg/m2) and low weight power generated (kg/W). This makes it essential for having a CIGS Solar Panel to be part of your Solar Kit. Our SOUL Solar Kit thrives on this as it makes it all lightweight. Since, we are on this topic, did you know? It is not just lightweight but also has no toxic material such as Cadmium which is usually  found in bulky solar panels. It works in overcast conditions, even if you have the CIGS Solar Panel covered. I want to personally say that it works really well. I have used other solar panels and basically they would have a temporary break in the electric circuit if it was covered in sand or snow.  Other solar panels like poly-crystalline do not work in overcast conditions, kinda ruins your trip to Grand Canyon, dear readers.

I will let you decide which Solar Panel is good for you and your travels. It’s the Ultimate SOUL Solar Kit for me. My money is on CIGS Solar Panel. I can show you more in next few blogs.

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