SOUL on the Beach – Test 1

Sun? Check! Water? Check! Sand? Check! SOUL Kit? Check!

Today, we went out to the local beach to test the Soul Solar panel. The Settings were perfect to identify what this military grade CIGS panel had on offer. I was introduced to the kit only yesterday, so I was as excited as a kid at Christmas. I just couldn’t wait to test it out.  My first reaction when I held it, “WOW! It’s so light”.  At only 500 grams, this panel was significantly lighter than other panels I’ve seen of this size, not to mention thin and came with a sleek looking Velcro strap too.

Locals were intrigued as to why I was walking with this futuristic looking yoga mat on the beach. Technically, you could use the panel as a yoga mat if you wanted to. This thing is almost invincible. My yoga skills weren’t on par, so I gave it a miss.

We picked a quiet spot on the beach and laid the panel out on the sand.  I plugged the USB cable to the SAE connector on the panel and connected my phone. The little lightning sign on my notification bar came back to life. I measured the current through an app and I was getting a comfortable 0.5 Amps. I was limited to 0.5 Amps as I didn’t have my fast charge USB cable with me however the panel is capable of outputting up to 2 Amps.

To put it to the real test, we partially blocked the sunlight, stood on it, submerged the panel underwater, threw sand over it, all while being connected to my phone. To my Surprise, there were no drastic changes to the current output. I was still getting approx. 0.5 Amps to my phone.

The panel survived everything we threw at it and is a perfect companion for your travels. SOUL Solar Panel is certainly the Thor of the Solar cells.

Marvel Comics, if you are searching for a new superhero character (SOUL) , look no further.

More to come but for now, sign up to the INDIEGOGO Campaign.