SOUL Solar Kit – Video Shoot Day 2 for INDIEGOGO Campaign

Following as planned, we have taken the Indiegogo pre-launch video shoot outside the office. As we need to portray how good the SOUL kit looks and performs in its habitat on camera, The SOUL team have switched on our outdoors mode, gathered our hiking gear and headed into the beautiful wilderness. We have also taken this shoot opportunity to conduct tests on our new prototype kit to check that the specifications are up to our standards.

Commencing bright and early, the whole SOUL team took a 5-hour drive journey to our beautiful chosen location (disclosed) – filled with greenery, mountains and scenic postcard views. Just perfect to take the kit for a spin and see it shine in its element.

Some skepticism was had by the team prior to the trip due to some issues, including unpredictable weather, travel issues and limited resources. Most importantly, our videographer Graham, flown in all the way from the UK had injured his foot which made it impossible for hiking in ridiculous measures. Though, the smiles of relief and awe on his face after observing the breathtaking views from the mountain peak evidently showed restored faith. Faith that the location was spot on and some amazing shots were going to be taken.

Being time limited, we had to work fast in the scorching 37-degrees sun to catch all the planned shots accordingly. We took all kinds of shots to give ourselves enough variety to work with.

These include our avid hiker doing his thing with the kit accompanying him through his adventures.


Few friends camping enjoying unlimited power source in the sun.

As we are working through a lot of devices throughout the day, it only makes sense to use our one and only kit to help power everything up on the go. We laid out the solar kit out to soak up the suns free energy for a few hours and utilized that renewable energy to power us up.


Ironically, we came out to shoot how effective this piece of kit is, and by powering our devices up throughout the day, we were able to do just that.


The specs test we conducted will be up on our upcoming blogs, so keep an eye out to see how well our kit lived up to its specifications.


In the meanwhile, don’t forget to sign up for our giveaway competition for a SOUL Solar Kit.                                                               We would like you to test out the product before its official launch on INDIEGOGO.


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Dinda Jelita