SOUL Solar Kit – Final Video Shoot for INDIEGOGO Campaign

Friday was our final day of filming for outdoor scenes. Our video director-Graham was on a tight schedule so we were limited on time. The Weather was perfect, the Soul kit was ready to roll, and so were we. It was a bright and early start to the day as we needed to make the most out of the daylight. This was also another opportunity for the team to test the waterproof, durability and ease of access features of the kit, this time in the real environment. In terms of filming, our focus for the day was to shoot scenes highlighting the major features of the kit.

With a van filled with filming equipment, camera crew and our avid hiker, we set off. A toilet break and 4 hours later, we were greeted by a breath-taking scenery. With plenty of greenery and high rising mountains around, this was the perfect spot for some amazing shots.

It was a moment of glory for the SOUL kit. Time to shine!

We set up the filming equipment and let Graham work his magic on the camera. It was scorching 37 degrees and we were all fighting for that last bottle of sunscreen lotion. Luckily enough, I was smart enough to bring an umbrella with me.

After few hours of filming, we drove for an hour to another location nearby. This time around, we were greeted by a beautiful waterfall. The plan was to film scenes showing waterproof features of the whole kit.The waterfall was quite high up so we had to trek for 40 mins to get real up and close to the waterfall. We conducted water proof tests for the Solar panel, power bank and the camping light. All survived as expected. At one point my mobile phone ended up inside the kit bag which got fully submerged underwater while our hiker was walking across the waterfall.  Surprisingly when we opened the bag, there was no sign of water inside the bag.

For me, the SOUL solar kit passes all the outdoor tests. It is future proof and nothing out there in the market comes marginally close to it.

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