Behind the Scenes: Outdoor Retailer and Snow Show & Blaze

We’ve been working away on a few projects here at SOUL. We’re currently preparing for the Outdoor Retailer and Snow Show in Denver, Colorado, USA. It’s the largest annual US trade show and conference for the outdoor and snow-sports industries. It’s just around the corner from January 25th – 28th 2018. Our goal is to get the SOUL brand out there and spark some interest in our fantastic range of solar products.

It has been quite the process to come up with a booth design concept overseas. We measured out makeshift booth to scale within our office space, to get an idea of the space we’ve got to work with. Another one of our interns, Neal, has been able to transform 2D drawings, measurements, and concepts to a 3D Key Shot version, bringing our ideas to life.

We hit a wee bump in the road when we found out that there’s going to be a pillar in our booth. We had to get creative, and come up with a solution to this obstruction. Our final decision was to build a shelf structure around the pillar to display all of the SOUL products.

We have also been working on our latest product Blaze! Blaze integrates three products into a sleek and lightweight design. A flexible, military-grade CIGS solar panel, an energy storage power bank and a flashlight.

The ideal companion for camping trips, festivals, travel, the beach, work, and even in the car trips for emergencies. The compact size of Blaze allows it to easily slip into your purse or bag for your next adventure.

Now that we have the technology sorted, we’re in the process of perfecting the product design. I love that here at SOUL we strive to make our products functional and aesthetic, whilst considering the environment. These values align perfectly with my core design values, which makes this an awesome place to work.

Here’s a snapshot of us unpacking the latest samples! We love the new matte finish, all of the fun colours and of course the iconic SOUL orange.

It’s an exciting time here at SOUL, here’s to 2017 and all the new challenges 2018 will bring.

Ashleigh Yi