About Us


Revolutionising the way we charge and connect, SOUL utilizes the power of the sun and solar technology to bring you a brilliant range of solar products that are made to last.

It all started with a very simple idea of creating a range of eco-friendly products which are efficient and affordable for all.

Our entire team has worked tirelessly to bring this concept to life. We have an outstanding track record for creating innovative products and meeting deadlines. Everyone within the team is filled with passion and has put their heart & Soul into the creation of the Solar Scroll and will continue doing until we make sure that there is a bit of Soul with everyone.

‘We believe in striking the balance through the creation of efficient and renewable technology.’


Meet the SOUL Team


Sourya Ghosh

Chief Technology Officer

Sourya is the mind behind SOUL or as we nicknamed him The Soulman. He is an aerospace engineer with a strong passion for renewable energy and efficient technology. From the moment he conceived the idea, it has been an absolutely epic journey for all of us.

With his successful track record in manufacturing solutions and project management, Sourya oversaw every step of the process ensuring all quality standards and his vision is met.

Meet our in-house graphics and marketing Guru Jesus. We are sure by now you are simply in love with the pure awesomeness of the images and renders in this page. Well we have Jesus to thank for all of that.

Equipped with an extensive knowledge in marketing and graphics, he has been an incredible asset to the SOUL team. He worked really hard to make sure that we can bring SOUL to all of you.


Jesus Cano

Head of Marketing


Nick Cunningham, Mark Jacobs, Mark Clayton

Board of Directors

Apart from running a very successful Manufacturing and Quality solutions company in China for the past 12 years, Mark, Nick & Mark, have actively supported their employees with all new ideas. Together, they amass a huge wealth of knowledge and expertise which has been key to get SOUL this far. Their saint like patience and guidance to the otherwise young SOUL team has been incredible. SOUL Inventions is now a proud member of the C2W Group.

To put it simply they are the heart behind the SOUL!


Our HQ is located in the beautiful coastal city of Zhuhai, Guangdong, South China. This gives us a huge advantage to quickly mobilize the project with efficiency.

SOUL Inventions is a member of the larger China2West Group. You can find more details about C2W at china2west.com