FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How Do We Get in Touch With the SOUL Crew?
If you want to get in touch with the team or have any queries about our product, please fire an email over to info@soulinventions.com. You can also reach us at all social media platforms. We love to chat and get your thoughts and feedback on the product.

Does the Soul-Solar Kit come with warranty?
Yes, every Solar Kit has a one year warranty period.

What Comes in a Solar Kit ?
Everything you need for your outdoorsy plans! See above text for all details.

How much does it weigh?
The entire kit weighs approximately 2.4Kg (5.2 Lb).

Where are you delivering the Product & what Certification do you have?
We are literally aiming to ship all over the globe. Each and every key
item in the Solar Kit is individually, certified and ready for in EU, US, Canada & AU.

Is the Solar Kit Safe?
Yes, Safety is our number one priority! We have worked relentlessly to ensure that all products are safe to use even in the harshest of conditions.