How to charge your SOUL Power bank.

Unlike most average power banks, SOUL Power gives you the choice to choose how you charge your product. Here we will discuss the ways in which you can charge your SOUL Power and how long it will take you depending on which option you choose.

You can charge SOUL Power in 4 ways:

  1. AC Source in 2.5 hours. This comes in either a US (120V,60Hz) or an international version (220V, 50Hz).
  2. The USB-C in 3.5 hours
  3. Car charger in 4.5 hours
  4. Solar energy in 7-8 hours in optimum conditions (using a 30W solar charger).

Image showing a male sat next to SOUL Power bank charging via solar panel in the wild.

 How long does it take to charge the SOUL Power power bank?

The fastest way to power up your Soul Power is through the AC source, which takes less than 2.5 hours to reach 100% battery level.  This is our very own feature and we have called it 'HyperCharge Technology'! 

Check out the 'SOUL Power's Unique HyperCharge Technology' blog or our social media for more details and information on our HyperCharge technology.


Author: Rosalind Rose