The Tech Specs.

Here you will find all the techy details that make up your SOUL Power charger. This blog goes into details about the specifications of SOUL Power portable charger. Be prepared for some tech-heavy vocabulary but we will try to make this as user-friendly where possible. Each topic is ordered in alphabetical order for your ease.

AC Outlet

120W pure sine wave AC outlet. 

AC (Alternating Current) is the same type of current flowing in normal household electricity that comes from a wall outlet.  


Soul Power will deliver 400-600 amps. Which will be enough to jumpstart most midsize vehicles, SUVs and Small trucks


A mega 155Wh (44,300 mAh) battery. 

mAh (millieampere Hour) is a measure commonly used to describe the energy charge a battery will contain and how long the device will last before you need to recharge the battery.

C rating

Charge: 0.6C, Normally Discharge: 1C, EC5 Discharge: 30C 

Image showing SOUL Power portable charger being charged through solar panel technology

EC5 port

A 12v EC5 port for jumpstarting your car and powering other DC devices.

Soul Power will deliver 400-600 amps. Which will be enough to jumpstart most midsize vehicles, SUVs and Small trucks

Four best-in-class USB ports: 

1 x 100w USB-C

2 x USB-C QC 4.0

1 x USB-A QC 3.0

HyperCharge Technology

SOUL Power has proprietary charging technology, that we have called "HyperCharge Technology". This allows SOUL Power to fully recharge battery in just 2.5 hours.

Image showing SOUL Power's diverse charging ports (1 x 100w USB-C, 2 x USB-C QC 4.0, 1 x USB-A QC 3.0

Order details

Every order includes a SOUL Power unit, 90W charging adapter, USB-C cable and an instruction manual.

Pass-through Technology

The pass-through charging ability enables you to charge Soul Power and your other devices simultaneously safely without interference.


SOUL is equipped with an easy-to-read OLED screen, which will tell you how much battery you have and how it is being distributed across the different ports.

Simultaneous charging

Despite allowing you to charge four devices simultaneously, please note that if a device (or combination of devices) is drawing 155W, SOUL Power will be able to provide 1 hour of charge at a constant power draw.

Image showing SOUL Power portable charger simultaneously charging tech devices such as smart phone tablets smart watches technology

Solar charging

To charge Soul Power with solar energy you will need at least a 30W solar panel with an XT 30 connector. The rated voltage for the panel needs to be 15V and no more than 6A.

Watt Hours

Soul Power holds 155-Watt hours.

Wireless charging

SOUL Power is an industry first to offer 15 Watts wireless charging for Qi (pronounced 'chee') compatible devices.

This includes many smart phones, new Airpods, Beats pro, Samsung Galaxy buds and some smart watches.

For more information on Qi see other websites and check your device provider's website to find out whether your device is Qi compatible.

Image showing smart phone wirelessly charging on SOUL Power tech portable charger


For more information about the SOUL Power portable charger, visit our website, social media pages or get in contact with us directly.

Author: Rosalind Rose