What devices can you charge using the SOUL Power portable charger?

It’s all well and good finding a portable charger as advanced as SOUL Power, but what use is the power if you can’t charge your devices?

In this blog we will provide you with a non-exhaustive list of the types of devices you can charge with your SOUL Power portable charger.

SOUL Power allows you to charge up to 4 devices simultaneously and has a range of ports to charge a wide variety of electronic devices and small appliances. See our 'The Tech Specs' blog for more information on the types of USB ports included and more techy details.

Devices that can be charged using SOUL Power portable charger include:


Image showing SOUL Power portable charger charging multiple devices at once (including a phone, laptop and camera).






Hair irons/curlers/dryers

Wireless power drills (if that’s what you’re into!)

Portable gaming consoles (including X-box, Nintendo Switch and PS4)

Another portable charger…

SOUL Power can even be used to jump start a car, power a blender or power a music speaker…or all of these at once!

(Please note that if a device (or combination of devices) is drawing 155W, Soul Power will be able to provide 1hr of charge at a constant power draw). Visit our specifications page for more details on this!

For more information and ideas about what sorts of devices can be charged with SOUL Power portable charger, check out our Instagram: @soul_inventions 

So how long does battery life last?

To give you a rough idea of the battery life in SOUL Power portable charger, here are just a few examples. With a fully charged battery you could either:

  • Charge an i-Phone more than 11+ times
  • Jumpstart a car 3 times
  • Charge a laptop 6+ times
  • Charge earbuds 100+ times
  • Smart watches 100+ times

 Image showing SOUL Power portable charger wirelessly charging a smart phone.


SOUL Power is an incredibly powerful charger and may just be the solution for solving the inevitable dispute over who’s device is on the lowest percentage (and therefore, requires the charger most desperately!)

SOUL Power battery life can last up to an entire year, but of course this depends on personal use of the product. There are a number of ways in which you can charge your SOUL Power and these will differ in the amount of time they take to reach full battery life.

Check out our "How to charge SOUL Power" blog for more information.


Author: Rosalind Rose