What is Indiegogo and how does it work?

SOUL Power was recently launched on Indiegogo! Check it out here!

This blog aims to explain what Indiegogo is and how it works. We hope to remove any confusions you may have regarding the website and how it supports our products.

What is Indiegogo?

Indiegogo is where the newest innovative products are launched before reaching the mainstream market. It offers a range of crowdfunding campaigns which support up-and-coming products from the earliest stages of development.

With Indiegogo, you have the opportunity to support entrepreneurs and new technology from the very beginning of their story by financially supporting their development and production.


image of the indiegogo logo


How Indiegogo supports SOUL Power

Indiegogo allows SOUL Inventions to raise money for its products, in this case the SOUL Power, by raising small amounts of money from our supporters.

We wouldn't be able to share our newest inventions if we did not have your support and for that, we want to say thank you and let you all know how grateful we are.

We hope that you enjoy being a part of our story from the very beginning and we've loved sharing the SOUL Power story with you every step of the way.


image of the soul power portable charger live on indiegogo


For more information, visit our website or our latest launch on Indiegogo!


Author: Rosalind Rose