Who is the SOUL Power portable charger for?

The SOUL Power portable charger was made with everyone in mind and offers enough diversity to suit everyone’s individual needs. Whether you’re a work-a-holic, an eco-warrior, accident-prone or a parent sick of the kids fighting over the charger, then SOUL’s the power bank for you.

This blog aims to discuss how our portable charger is suitable for such a diverse range of audiences, so keep an eye out for the category you think best suits your needs!


Working takes a lot of energy, and not just your own. Keeping your devices powered up seems to require constant plugging in and switching around wires. We know exactly how frustrating this can be, especially when the last thing you need to think about is prioritising which of your devices you’re going to charge.

That’s why SOUL Power offers the chance to charge up to four devices simultaneously, accommodating the power needed for those never-ending notifications.

A typical evening using SOUL for work could look like this:

Charging your laptop on the train home, finishing up today’s tasks. Simultaneously, charging both your personal and company phones. By using the USB and wireless charging for both phones you can ensure that you are still receiving those all-important emails and can stay in-the-know about the latest updates in your personal life.

Tablets are also compatible with SOUL charging meaning that you can keep working on that design or researching new clients whilst those documents finish downloading on your laptop. And last but not least, you can charge your kindle for some reading (for business or pleasure!)

image showing soul power being used to charge a tablet and laptop for work and a coffee


Picture the usual scenario. You’re in the car on the way to that all-important trip you’ve been planning for not-that long. The kids are in the back arguing about who’s phone is on the lowest percentage. The driver is getting frustrated at the SatNav and needs someone to double check the directions using another device. The kids are bickering unnecessarily loud. Your battery is on low and you still haven’t replied to that all-important work email.

Now picture this scenario with the SOUL Power portable charger:

The kids are quietly plugged into those distracting tablets and games consoles. There’s enough peace and quiet to discuss directions and get back on the right road. Your phone rests comfortably on top of the wireless charging port, giving you easy access to text the grandparents and have a clear view of any incoming work emails. And for once, there is actually enough power for the camera that only gets dusted down for family holidays.

SOUL Power is incredibly powerful and may just be the solution for solving the inevitable dispute over who’s device is on the lowest percentage. Go on, do your future self the favour.

Life on-the-go and avid travellers

There’s a whole range of factors making SOUL Power the perfect travel companion and suitable for living life on-the-go.

For example, the SOUL Power will work flawlessly in environment temperatures that range between -10F to 140F.

In fact, SOUL Power has THAT many features perfect for traveling and being on-the-go, we made a whole blog about it! Check it out here.


Love gaming? Look no further.

SOUL Power is compatible with a vast variety of gaming consoles including but not limited to: X-Box, PS4, smart phones, tablets and Nintendo Switch.

You could, in theory, go camping with your friends and use the SOUL Power to power your TV screen, game console and remotes. SOUL would be a great companion if you wanted to game with your friends in an environment out of the ordinary!

SOUL Power could also be used to power microphones, headphones and any other such devices you may use in your gaming experiences. The choice is yours.

Image of soul power portable charger powering games console and laptop and phone on weireless charging

Drivers and those that love a backup plan

SOUL Power gives you the choice of 4 ways to charge, including through your car! So, if you’re always on the road or love those long-distance drives, then you can power up at the comfort of your own seat.

Conversely, for the drivers out there who love a solid backup plan in case of emergency, SOUL Power’s got you covered. There are a number of things that can go wrong whilst driving and sometimes, you could be left waiting around for help for what-feels-like years!

With our portable power pack, you never have to worry about the assistance of someone else to jumpstart your car again, meaning you can put your mind to rest on those lonesome roads. SOUL Power has so much power that you can jumpstart a car not once…not twice…but THREE times! Because sometimes once isn’t quite enough.

For extra security and peace of mind, you can keep your SOUL Power in your car at all times so you always have the power you need.

For details on this see our Tech Specs blog.


SOUL Power is the perfect choice for festival goers because it can retain full battery life for up to a WHOLE YEAR. This should be enough power for those never-ending nights around the camp fire.

When battery is low its always important to remember safety over snapchat. With the SOUL Power though, you can have both!

Never worry about your speakers, phones or cameras dying. You can listen to your favourite artists away from the stage, capture those special memories and stay in contact with friends and family.

Bringing your own power pack also means saying goodbye to paying ridiculously overpriced charges to borrow portable chargers (which are never fully charged and seem to deteriorate in functioning over the weekend). SOUL's got enough power for the whole gang!

The accident-prone  

Our dedicated team know that accident-prone individuals need a little more security when investing in the newest products, just in case! Have no fear, as the SOUL Power comes with a full 1year guarantee so you can leave the worry at home.

Our durable design also means that our portable charger was made IP64 rated for dust and water-resistance. That’s close to being submergible…at least briefly! Your power bank can withstand whatever you throw at it…or whatever your accidentally throw it at (usually the floor).

image of the soul power portable charger with a splash of water on it to show water resistance


For the eco-warriors amongst us, we hear you and we appreciate the urgency! It has never been more important to reduce carbon emissions and make environmentally positive consumer choices.

SOUL Power offers the option to charge up using solar energy! Using a 30W solar panel with an XT 30 connector, SOUL Power can be charged on-the-go using nothing but mother nature to fuel your adventure. 

Not only does this feature make SOUL Power the environmentally conscious choice, but it also means that you can appreciate the finer things in life (the outdoors in its finest!) without worrying about battery charge on your devices.

For details on how to charge your SOUL Power view our blog dedicated to explaining this.

image showing soul power portable charger being charged via solar power panels

Tech lovers

Not only is SOUL power portable charger an extremely versatile and useful tool, but she is also an extremely impressive piece of tech!

For the tech lovers out there bursting to know all the techy details, see our ‘Tech Specs’ blog.


For more information about the SOUL Power, visit our website and social media accounts or get in contact with us directly! 

Author: Rosalind Rose