Why is Solar energy important?

image showing couple charge multiple technology devices via solar panel energy charging panels

What is solar energy?

Solar energy is energy sourced from the sun. The SOUL Power portable charger offers you the option to charge your power back through solar panel charging.

We believe that solar energy is an extremely important aspect to consider in developments in technology.

Solar energy is a form of renewable energy and acts as a replacement for fossil fuels, which are a leading cause for global warming and climate change.

Why are fossil fuels bad?

In short, fossil fuels have been found to contribute extortionate amounts to global warming which then contributes to climate change. Renewable energies, such as solar energy, are extremely important because using these types of clean energy, reduce the amount of carbon emissions and pollution being released into the atmosphere.

Many areas around the world are already experiencing the negative effects of carbon emissions. For example, China has extremely high pollution in the air and its well-known that people wear masks and check the pollution forecast daily, just as we might check the weather in the Western world.

This is similar to New Deli, India, which declared a public health crisis on November 18th due to the alarming level of pollution in the air. These levels are as high as 20 times higher than the level that the World Health Organization (WHO) considers ‘safe’.

As these areas become less and less habitable, businesses will eventually collapse as their workforce become too ill to work and citizens begin to evacuate the affected areas. This will have relay effects on world trade as businesses will be forced to manufacture elsewhere.

People will also lose their jobs, their homes and ultimately their lives. Eventually these effects will be experienced world-wide.

Therefore, the use of renewable energies such as solar energy, are extremely important.

For more information about how to charge your SOUL Power using solar energy, check out our charging blog.

image of soul power portable charger being charged via solar energy power panels

Here at SOUL Inventions we really believe in the future development of technology being made with renewable energy sources in mind. We trust that our products help contribute to the improvement in the current climate crisis.

If you are also concerned about the current environmental issues and want to be involved in using solar energy, check out our SOUL Power portable power pack on Indiegogo.


Author: Rosalind Rose